Forget wasting more time, do not find what you want or not to give answers.

With Alzaris Cloud Invent you can inventory all your assets in a very simple manner. Install a lightweight agent on each device and begin to take control.

All your devices

Windows, iOS, Android, printers and SNMP

No worries

We take care of everything

All the information

Everything you need and more...

The information is always updated. You can know every detail of your inventory. You will be more proactive thanks to immediate alerts. You will make better decisions with better information. Do not wait the problem, create solutions.

Cost saving

Cloud Invent will help you save on expenses in a very simple way

Forget invest in servers, waste time implementing an unknown solution, learn how to use complicated solutions or maintain any tool. With Alzaris Cloud Invent you have a very fast return on investment. Also you will pay for the actual use made of the solution.

Increase productivity

Get more with the same.

Increase employee productivity by getting them to focus on their daily work. Thanks to the application control policies can prevent unwanted programs (games, P2P, adware...) continue installed on your computers. It will also prevent employees wasting time by not having the necessary resources.

You can be sure

Cloud Invent will help you control everything that happens around you

You can check the status of your protection, know what devices have vulnerable applications or applications that are a risk to the company or even know what mobile devices can cause data leakage.

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