The best investment

Cloud Invent will help you save on expenses in a very simple way

An inventory tool is the first solution when you need cost savings. It will help you when planning your expenses better, making them more efficient. You will really know what you need, you will not make unnecessary expenditures. You will always have the best information to make the right decisions. You can even avoid surprises by large expenses arising from failures without coverage.


Forget maintenance.

Cloud Invent is a cloud solution. This means you will not have to invest in servers hosted inside your network for collecting information nor in databases.

Not have to worry about the implementation and maintenance of the solution, we take care of it.

Because all this, time invested in learning the usage tool is very small.


Better safe.

It is very important to be aware of the finish of the guarantees to properly plan the purchase of new equipment to save us these headaches.

With Cloud Invent you always know which devices are out of this coverage or those close to expiration.

Software inventory

Status and detail.

Why pay for something you do not use? Software inventory will tell you exactly what you have installed and how many applications. This will prevent the purchase of licenses of applications that really are not in use.

Another important problem may be just the opposite, the lack of licenses for the number of teams that have this application installed. This can provoke legal problems with the resulting penalty. Avoiding it is very simple.


Locals and network.

Getting a good planning when buying our supplies or establish a good maintenance plan can save us a lot of money, making this purchases at the right time or adjusting the maintenance plan to the real needs that we have.

With Cloud Invent you can receive alerts when the supplies fits a remaining percentage that we can configure and thus plan their purchase.


Quick and accessible.

With Cloud Invent you will have the best information and the best reports, simple to understand and easy to apply. Examples might be out of warranty devices, supplies coming to its end, installed applications...

Besides these reports have the information in real time, are completely real.

Application Control

For good and bad.

Once discovered an application that we don't want, you only have to activate the application control, giving you real-time information about the devices that have it installed.

In this way we save time looking for those applications that will eventually resulting in a loss of productivity of our employees.

Time is money.

All we need to control what happens around us to avoid surprises and unexpected costs, but in this is fast changing technology environment is often difficult to achieve. We need tools to do so and not become a problem in the long run. Alzaris Cloud Invent is that tool and we want to show you.

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