Alzaris Cloud Invent is full of surprises

This is not just an inventory. It is the solution to your problems.


Forget maintenance.

Other tools inventory and asset management require complicated tools installed on your own servers, take care to keep everything always updated, operating handle, patches, operating system, always available...

Thanks to the cloud technology today this is totally unnecessary.

On our servers you will always have available the latest version of our agents, all updated and secured. In addition to that you can access information wherever you are .

You do not have hardware costs, maintenance or time. The CTO is immediate.

Always updated

Information is power.

Remember those days when you had a file with all the inventory pointed by hand? What happened when you had to update it?

Now you can forget that. Alzaris Cloud Invent update daily the inventory of Windows, Android and iOS systems.

Simply install a small agent on each device and the information is automatically updated on our servers. Always available to help you get the most out.

If you need to make quick decisions without wasting time and totally reliable, you will be happy to count with us.

All your devices

Windows, iOS, Android, printers and SNMP

No matter what kind of devices or operating systems do you have in your company.

We provide specific agents for the most frequently systems used today: Windows, iOS and Android.

Last but not least also SNMP devices information is collected, which opens a world of possibilities: Linux, Mac, routers, switches, etc.

The installation process is very simple, you can even perform remotely. And best of all is you must do it just once. Work every year to manually inventory all assets IT department is over.

Software inventory

Status and detail.

Know quickly which programs are installed on your Windows computers or what applications have been downloaded to your Android devices.

Even perhaps more importantly, quickly know if these applications are updated and where to act if necessary.

You can also find out how many there are of each software installations distributed throughout the network to have good control of licenses.

To all this add your information about the status of services and drivers and you will be able to say that you really know how your devices are.

Permissions control

What applications do?

Every day we have more applications installed on our Android devices. While it is known that the malware is growing exponentially in this kind of systems.

How do you know that one of those apps are not doing anything wrong?

The permission control gives you the ability to know which applications might do something you did not intend. What applications can perform silent calls? Which of them can send information over the Internet? Here are some examples.

Application Control

For good and bad.

The productivity of the company is very important. We can not leave to chance.

This requires control which applications can result in lost productivity (adware, P2P, games...) of our employees or even what applications require to perform their jobs (Java, .Net, Adobe Reader...) and not have them.

With only two data we will be able to give you all the information you require.


Be more proactive.

We incorporated a fully configurable alert system to help you be aware of any incident on your devices.

Low free space on a server, printer supplies running low, connecting a device to undue WiFi network, antivirus off...

You can receive these alerts via email or a notification on your smartphone or tablet (Pushover and Pushbullet compatible).

We have a dashboard that centralizes all of these alerts, helping to improve their control. You can also define their state to know what incidents remain unresolved.

Patch inventory

Know your weaknesses.

Every day is more important to know the status of the installation of the patches on computers.

All days new threats that exploit these known security holes in our computers to access our systems, steal information or just knock down the services the IT department provides.

It is very necessary to know in what condition are our machines to thereby patching them quickly.

Know in detail each computer patches, even with shortcuts to the Microsoft website where you will get the detail of each link.

Change log

Users never touch anything...

Obviously daily incidents arise in our systems. It is something we already have.

But that does not mean we are not prepared when the time comes.

With the change control may know what happened to the devices via a very simple to understand history.

What programs are installed, updated or removed? What hardware changes have occurred in the device? Have you installed any patches on machines? Unified whole for not wasting time. Incidences not wait.

It also has a centralized dashboard to view and study all these changes.

Company assets

Unified whole.

There are things that a simple program may not know such as the date of purchase of equipment, its cost, expiration of guarantees or many other things we can imagine.

Having this information separately complicates any good inventory management. We propose to have everything in one place, linked to the device so that a part of it.

To make matters worse we do not want to have different inventories for each type of asset of the company.

Keep in the same place servers, phones, tablets, laptops site, televisions, tables, cars, routers... Everything.


Better safe.

Something as important as the hardware itself is to be sure it will work correctly.

That are the guarantees and should control when they run out to meet the risks they are assuming.

With our tool is simple and easy to perform control guarantees that are close to expiration, so we can take decisions.

You can also find what hardware is out of coverage and thus justify the necessary investments or adequately prepare the next year's budget.


Quick and accessible.

Our solution shows the information in a very simple way to understand but what if I need to work with this information manually or remove it?

For this purpose we provide reports that can quickly capture all the necessary data.

Reports by devices geolocation, software installed on your Windows computers or Android devices, warranties expiration, etc. are some examples of what to expect.

Besides these reports are provided in PDF and CSV format to treat and export them to other tools of your environment.

Also with a centralized dashboard.

Security control

Be too careful.

We all know what can happen If we haven't a good antivirus installed on our devices.

It is very important to know their state to avoid unnecessary risks within the corporate network.

Safety is a key part of a good IT strategy and thus we give you a quick status information of your protections.

If you need it we also be able to know the status of your personal firewall, we do not forget anything.


Everyone to his own taste.

Each company is different and is very difficult to know what exactly needs each one but, what if we give you the ability to customize the solution for your environment?

The user's telephone number, the location within the building, the phone number for repairs, etc. Create your own custom fields with the information you need.

Also you do not need to re-enter all that information if you already have it, you can import it to our system.


Where are my devices?

If you need localized your devices also we can help.

From your devices fully automatically report their location and you can access it at a glance on a map.

No need to have an integrated GPS. We are able to obtain the location of the device via WiFi triangulation before or telephone networks. Even through its IP address.

For those devices which do not want this information you can disable it from the device itself.


Locals and network.

We know it's hard to know exactly when we have to buy supplies for our printers.

Alzaris Cloud Invent will give you all the information of your SNMP printers, automatically discovering them. You can even receive alerts when you must replace its supplies.

We provide the best way to get that information without having to worry about it.

You will have at a single point all SNMP printers, well organized and with a history of use.

Filters and searches

Find exactly what you want.

We have all the information and give you the power to search intelligently what you need.

What devices are out of space? What machines needs a RAM expansion? Who has a version of an older program? Who owns this mac address?

All these questions are answered. And in a very simple way. Create a custom filter with all the conditions you need and have the answer in seconds.

To make matters worse you can find what you want without creating a filter, through our intelligent search box.

Data import

Harness the work already done.

Already have its own inventory and do not want to lose your data?

We provide tools that allow you to bring that information as relevant to our solution.

Just have to adapt to our standards. No matter, it's not complicated.

From then have all the centralized, unified information in a single console. Imagine the possibilities this can give you.

Furthermore, these data will be associated with their devices so it will be easy to find later.


Each user with her permission.

If you need to provide access to different users to the management Alzaris Cloud Invent console no problem.

You can create as many users as needed without additional cost.

Also may establish different access roles to information for these users, deciding for yourself what to see, what can be done.

Good to give temporary access to a partner, technicians working temporarily in your company or whatever you need.

From anywhere

Technology at your service.

In the information age is not possible to think that the information is not accessible quickly and easily.

Nor could think that having computers outside your corporate network must resign themselves to have less control over them.

We take all the ability that Internet gives us to centralize in a web console all devices, whether here or thousands of miles away.

Also in Alzaris we care much for the safety of your data. All communications with our servers are encrypted and our database is not accessible from the Internet to avoid problems.

The information is always updated. You can know every detail of your inventory. You will be more proactive thanks to immediate alerts. You will make better decisions with better information. Do not wait the problem, create solutions.

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