Alzaris Control Center: the solution for our partners

Centralized security management, help in planning the order supplies or licenses control are some of its main features.

December 01

Today we are pleased to announce the new solution that will help our partners to deliver greater value to their customers: Alzaris Control Center.

With Control Center you will help your customers to

  • • Improve control of their assets.
  • • Increase their benefits.
  • • Strengthen the security of their devices.
  • • Expedite decision making.
  • • And much more!

What is?

Control Center is a centralized console solution that allows a partner to manage from a single point the hole customers asset inventory.

Also display information from the point of view of the partner, which is very different from a final company, grouping information and helping decision making.

A simple example is allowing you to view the status of all customers supplies in one place and organized, so you'll know that you have to buy supplies in the short term for all customers. This will save costs by shopping smarter.

We hope to help our partners with this solucion, which has been created explicity for them.