Improve productivity

It can cost really little and in a very simple way

We can help you achieve greater productivity of your employees and your assets. Check that everyone has the tools they need to do their jobs, not waste time with unnecessary applications (games, P2P, adware ...), you're always aware of incidents even before the user... Here are some examples of how Cloud Invent can help you.


Where are my devices?

Always you will know where your employees are, always getting the best performance.

Leverages its routes to better serve your customers, avoid wasted time and even checks their activity through historical locations that will let you know where they was days ago.


Be more proactive.

You will receive notification when a device is about to have an issue and can resolve it before it gets to happen. This will prevent your employees to stop working for contingencies.

You can receive these alerts even on your mobile phone, making you far more efficient.

Software inventory

Status and detail.

You will know what devices don't have all the tools they need for their work, or even those who have these tools very outdated and may cause incidents.

Prevents your devices have applications that you don't want, getting better use their time.


Supplies control

You'll know which printers are low on supplies before it can't be used with alerts on your mobile phone or email. This will prevent your employees to stop working because they can't do their job.

Patch inventory

Know your weaknesses.

Plan your stops of servers for patch installation. It is totally necessary but expensive to make and organize if you do not have all the information.

Avoid unwanted stops of your services in bad hours.

Security control

Be too careful.

Know the status of your protection in real time. You'll know which devices aren't properly protected and therefore are likely to lose their works or suffer unexpected stops because of a virus.

All we need to control what happens around us to avoid surprises and unexpected costs, but in this is fast changing technology environment is often difficult to achieve. We need tools to do so and not become a problem in the long run. Alzaris Cloud Invent is that tool and we want to show you.

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