You can be sure

Cloud Invent will help you control everything that happens around you

You can check the status of your protection, know what devices have vulnerable applications or applications that are a risk to the company or even know what mobile devices can cause data leakage.

Application Control

For good and bad.

You will know immediately what applications are on your computers and pose a security risk such as very old versions of certain programs or applications that users have installed from the Internet.


Be more proactive.

Get immediate alerts when a protection is disabled or when a user installs something undue in one of your computers.

You can also control computers don't leave your domain or computers that have the admin session started on them.

Permissions control

What applications do?

You will know which applications have permission to perform malicious actions on your mobile devices. If we allow it these applications can from steal information up to erase all the data or even steal money so it is increasingly necessary to control it.

Security control

Be too careful.

You will be able to know the state of your protection at all times. There are viruses that stop the antivirus protections and leave us completely unprotected. It is absolutely necessary to control the status of them.

We even provide you a report to see all this information unified.

Patch inventory

Know your weaknesses.

We provide you with all the information about the patches that have installed your equipment. In this way you know which machines are properly protected before certain vulnerabilities and what not.

Change log

Users never touch anything...

Change control help us to know everything that has happened in a device over time. In this way we can more easily identify caseloads of misuse of our devices that help us identify security risks.

All we need to control what happens around us to avoid surprises and unexpected costs, but in this is fast changing technology environment is often difficult to achieve. We need tools to do so and not become a problem in the long run. Alzaris Cloud Invent is that tool and we want to show you.

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